HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee
HGNC Approved SymbolHGNC Approved Name
SNORD3@small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 3 cluster
snoid : SR0000237
Length : 217
Abstract : Homo sapiens C/D box U3-2 snoRNA. This snoRNA is a close paralogue of U3 snoRNA (see U3 entry). The human genome contains five U3-related genes clustered on chr17p11.2: one copy of each U3, U3-3 and U3-4, and two copies of U3-2. None is identical to the U3a and U3b sequences published by Gao et al. (1997). From their restriction maps, U3b would correspond to U3-2, and U3a to U3-4. Compared to the 4 other copies of U3, the 5' domain of U3-4 contains two mutations, one of which in the conserved GAC box.
GenBank accession number :
Host gene : Two independent transcriptional units
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Target RNA : unknown
References :
- Gao, L., Frey, M. R., and Matera, A. G. (1997). Human genes encoding U3 snRNA associate with coiled bodies in interphase cells and are clustered on chromosome 17p11.2 in a complex inverted repeat structure. Nucleic Acids Res, 25, 4740-4747.
Sequence :
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