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HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee
HGNC Approved SymbolHGNC Approved Name
SNORD73Bsmall nucleolar RNA, C/D box U73B pseudogene
snoid : SR0000320
Length : 75
Abstract : Homo sapiens U73b C/D box snoRNA. This snoRNA was characterized by Rebane et al. (1998) as a conserved sequence in intron 3 of the RPS3a gene. Its expression could not be evidenced in 4 cell lines by Northern blot and primer extension analyses, although its murine orthologue was detected in mouse cells. Compared to human U73a, and to murine U73a and U73b, a G-A substitution alters the base-pairing with 28S rRNA. Therefore, human U73b is considered as a pseudogene. U73b and U73a share the same host gene.
GenBank accession number : NG_000961
Host gene : RPS3a (ribosomal protein S3a)
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Target RNA : unknown
References :
- Rebane, A., Tamme, R., Laan, M., Pata, I., and Metspalu, A. (1998). A novel snoRNA (U73) is encoded within the introns of the human and mouse ribosomal protein S3a genes. Gene 210, 255-263.
Sequence :
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