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HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee
HGNC Approved SymbolHGNC Approved Name
SNORD111Bsmall nucleolar RNA, C/D box 111B
snoid : SR0000479
Length : 87
Abstract : Homo sapiens HBII-82B snoRNA. This C/D box snoRNA is a paralog of HBII-82 discovered by Yang et.(2006) with snoSeeker. Both are predicted to guide the 2'O-ribose methylation of 28S rRNA G3923. Both snoRNAs are located in the SF3B3 in tetrapods, as well as zebrafish (4 copies). In fugu, medaka, stickleback and tetraodon, 2 or 3 copies are localized in the LARP1 (la related protein isoform 1)gene. In ciona intestinalis, three copies of a possible ortholog are located in the RPL10 gene.
GenBank accession number : AM413027
Host gene : SF3B3 (Splicing factor 3b, subunit 3)
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Target RNA : 28S rRNA G3923
sno/scaRNAs with same target 28S rRNA G3923 : HBII-82   
References :
- Yang,J.H., Zhang,X.C., Huang,Z.P., Zhou,H., Huang,M.B., Zhang,S.,Chen,Y.Q. and Qu,L.H. (2006) snoSeeker: an advanced computational package for screening of guide and orphan snoRNA genes in the human genome. Nuc. Acids Res. 34:5112-5123
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