Human U12 snRNA

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Sequence: J04119. Pseudouridylation and methylation sites were mapped by Massenet, Mougin and Branlant (1998) and Tycowski, Aab and Steitz (2004), respectively.


- Massenet, S., Mougin, A. and Branlant, C. (1998) Posttranscriptional modification in the U small nuclear RNAs, p.201-227. In H. Grosjean and R. Benne (ed.), Modification and editing of RNA. ASM Press, Washington D.C.
- Tycowski, K. T., Aab, A., and Steitz, J. A. (2004). Guide RNAs with 5' Caps and Novel Box C/D snoRNA-like Domains for Modification of snRNAs in Metazoa. Curr Biol, 14, 1985-1995.
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